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Junior Reciters

The tiny tots of BBISDW had competed with their classmates in English Rhyme and Storytelling competition. These competitions held for two days.

On Day 1, the toddlers of our dreamland  were all immersed in cuteness and looking too beautiful in their fancy costumes. All kids participated in the competition with great zest. A mini stage was organized for their performance. They were all excited to look at it. Kids enacted on rhymes like save trees, two little dicky birds, national leaders and many more. Kids were judged on the basis of props, makeup, costumes, recitation and actions. At the end, kids were awarded with first, second, third and consolation prizes by our coordinator. Photographs were clicked during their performance. They were amazed to have their prizes. Later all the kids were given candies for their participation to encourage them.

 Day 2, was wonderful and eye-pleasing to watch kids narrating stories. The story telling competition was judged by our coordinator. All kids participated with great zeal in the activity hall and the effort of parents was worth a lot of praise. Kindergarten students narrated the fables like the inactive caterpillar, the goose who lays golden eggs, the thirsty crow, the fox and grapes, the foolish goats and many more. They were judged on the basis of props, narration, clarity of speech, unique title, expression, gestures and voice modulation. The event was wound up by awarding prizes to kids by our coordinator. It was a fun filled day spent great.